November 5, 2009

New Computer!

After years of problems with my PC, I officially broke down Wednesday night and purchased an iMac.

As a signing off to my life with PCs, here's a list of my Top-5 favorite experiences with my previous computer:


My HP liked to freeze in the middle of nowhere to leave my work stranded to die a digital death. I know you love that, too.


My computer was comatose, because sometimes I would hit the sleep button on my keyboard and after my computer would go to sleep, it would never wake up (the "sometimes" in this sentence is only a reference to my actions - not the computer's).


If I decided to shut my computer down (or if it decided to shut down for me) I couldn't turn it back on for over 24 hours. Imagine a "due tomorrow" on your desk and then.... wait.... why won't my mouse move anymore?


Taking my computer back to factory settings about 7 or 8 times (twice, loosing massive amounts of work).

Yeah, this was fun.


Spilling beer on my keyboard. Suddenly I had an excess of ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;........................jjjjjjjjjjjkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk........ OK STOP IT ALREADY!!! (the Mac isn't here, yet, folks)

Ok, maybe that last one wasn't totally my computer's fault.

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