January 16, 2010

New Untitled Work

So, you must have thought it was unfair to share the pics of me working on a new piece that you've never seen a decent picture of before...

I don't have a name for it, yet, because I can't seem to decide if I think it is done, yet. But I think it is really nice right where it is so I'm going to show you anyway, just because it's been too long since I've posted.

It's a sample of one of the new paintings that I've been working on for the past two months... the repetitive marker lines in the central portion (varying colors of orange) is a motif that I've begun to incorporate in all of my present work in some form or another to create a planar meshing from which to interrupt and interact.

I am one of those artists that are terrified of the blank whiteness of an untouched page, canvas, or paper. So, to alleviate my anxieties I've formulated a surface design, from which to react and interrogate in my process of artmaking and it serves as a way to "gather the noise" inside my head.

While drawing the ribbons of color I begin to find ways to pierce the SURFACE OF CONFUSION and penetration into a world that has never existed in material form before.

I suppose I see the surface of a painting as a two-sided mirror. The picture-part imbued with color and paint and line that we normally confront with our eyes is the reflection of our (or the artists) minds, while the BEYOND is a mystical world of shamanic possibility. I don't necessarily take a stance of belief about this statement. But it's a helpful way to view creativity to help coax out the images that are beyond my vision.

What I use is a literal barrier of markings. I recreate a gateway defined by movement and intensity of detail that when I decide to break the barrier it appears as a tear in the temple itself. Something holy is being breached and that's what I want to happen with my paintings... the feeling of seeing something truly special....

Right now, this work is leaking at the edges.

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