February 15, 2010

New Piece, No Title, What's New

So this work represents the small accumulation of what I've learned this year and what's been effective for developing my style (a word I'd prefer to use is habit). I think it's a nice forward step in seeking out that truer expression of the vision inside me. The associations and feelings that flow from viewing the work are fun and I look forward to taking it to another level.

It's strange to say, but I think I feel the flow coming on.

Have to get back to work...

Updated March 7, 2010:

Here are a couple of new developments for this work:

1) I have come up with a title for this work: Invitaris (meaning 'you are invited' in Latin)

2) I was given a chance to donate a work of art for a charity to help support a choir in L.A. called the Angeles Choir (http://www.angeleschorale.org/default.asp). I thought it was a great idea and obliged by donating this piece to help support their cause.

india ink, acrylic, on claybord


  1. darick,
    that my drawing was really a drag and dissolves and was done in crayon ink 0.2 - do not know if you've used one of these - it was just what was used to 90 years ... but the result was cool.

    I loved their work, methods, details and patience!
    congratulations! precise drawings and excellent choice of colors.
    I will watch for news