March 18, 2010

Upcoming solo show...

If you live in Atlanta area, I'd love to see you April 5th, for my upcoming show, "Ephemateria".

My artist statement is as follows:

My work rationally explores the mysteries of subjective experience in human acts of prayer, meditation, art making, fasting, and entheogenic plant consumption. The paintings are metaphors for how these experiences play upon the liminality of consciousness itself, witnessed by the dynamic relationship between surface and depth, figure and ground. Reserving judgment for what might or might not be true about these states, I let the notions of the unknown play out as evolving organisms within the fields built upon the surfaces of my art. In practice, this begins by limiting my material and acceptance of my idées fixes to create a topography of repetitive marks facilitating a free-flowing consciousness. From within this domain, I conjure interruptions in fields of colored ribbons and repeated spiraling helixes; the personalities that arise are bio-mechanical abstractions that assert their beauty. As I attend with loving care to my garden of characters, the work absorbs my rays of energy, transforming my consciousness into something wholly Other.

The show will be at the Apache Cafe on 64 3rd St. NW, Atlanta GA. Doors open at 7 pm.

I've been preparing this whole month and some of the pieces you've seen in my blog will be on display, like Hathor, and Willow.

Come down, say hello, and let me know what you think!

Here's the poster I designed for the show.

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