April 6, 2011

Untitled (498)

Untitled (498)
ink on clayboard

This painting will be on display May 5th at the Kentuck Museum, during a solo exhibition of new work, entitled The Other Folk.

It was a piece that arose out of a section from another painting that will also be showing at the Kentuck in May (currently titled: Snakesong). On that work I had transitioned on to a black ground and applying white ink to delineate form. This was a bit different from normal because I was using white ink, predominantly, and that ink didn't have a good, opaque flow out of my habitual Rapidographs. I now had to rely on quill dip pens, which give off a completely different feel to the rhythm of the work. I liked this and decided to dedicate an entirely new work to this difference.

Therein lies the idea behind Untitled (498). Because the major foundation of the method deployed here was going to have a built-in, increased level of retinal buzz, because of the stark black and white, I stuck with minimally ordering a group of spheres over the 16x16", like there was an evenly applied Cymatic Experiment rippling over the clayboard.

From there I just let the pattern grow and grow.

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