May 20, 2011

Untitled (513)

ink on clayboard
© 2011 Lumi 9

Because I make most of my pictures at the same time while I prepare for a show, this piece was an interruption to that flow in a collection of work that I am now showing at the Kentuck Museum this month. This is why the energy released in the picture itself is so much more complete in it's cycle of dissolving itself than in most of my other pictures. The size of the board was small and I didn't interrupt with any symmetrical forms, which helped relieve a lot of the front end preparation time.

Inspiration for the actual subject of the piece came from the chapter "Mushrooms and Evolution" in The Archaic Revival, by Terence McKenna. He ruminates over the events that brought such levels of consciousness to proto-humans, arguing for a position that states hallucinogenic plants bootstrapped themselves onto an evolving primate insuring an ecstatic, hallucinogenic experience accessing "...the transcendent Other..." for the primate; domestication of previously wild cattle creating a specialized environment perfect for the dung-loving mushroom.

"Interspecies pheromones or exopheromones"

Where "...pheromones are chemical compounds exuded by an organism for the purpose of carrying messages between organisms of the same species...", exopheromones would relay information between species. This is played out in the article as a mystery of unwinding romance between Man and Mushroom.

No need to let the truth of the matter darken a discussion of what thoughts arise amongst what kind of pictures of lurid fantasies or bitter hells... What I'd hoped to illuminate with this piece are the spaces between conscious recognition of any polarities. A place that is neither heaven, nor hell, but contented to have no concern with which is which.

My picture Untitled (513), is a picture from my mind of such a space.

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