June 7, 2011


ink on top of digital drawing printed on canvas
© 2011 Lumi 9

As a painter, I tend to synthesize my influences in art, sometimes more directly than others. This piece is dedicated towards exorcizing at least one of the ideas that I have gleaned from Clyfford Still. His tendency toward applying paint in a d√©collage sort of manner has always been very striking. You may see that portions of the white in Instill have an appearance of being torn to reveal a helical pattern underneath (composed of 4 color strips combining to make that overall, fleshy color). Which layer was on top didn't matter. What did matter to me, was the edge in which the "colors" meet and how that edge affected the shapes and the color of those shapes. I don't believe I made the original conception of the piece a major component of the final outcome, but it was an interesting jumping off point that I hope to revisit again in the future.

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