July 17, 2011

Château de la Hulpe & the Fondation Folon

On the 10th we had a friend who lives in Brussels suggest that we visit the Château de la Hulpe where the Fondation Folon existed. This is something that was not in the guidebook we had, so we were excited about the tip.

Jean-Michel Folon was a watercolorist, sculptor, engraver,  and illustrator. I had never heard of him, so it was a treat to see how well done the museum set up in the farm of the castle of La Hulpe (see the castle below). The day was perfect, so we had a great time to wonder the grounds of the château, which was full of lush fields, gardens, forest, while dotted by sculptures by Folon (if you're partial to plein air painting - GO, GO, GO). Unfortunately, you can't take any photos inside of the museum (I only snapped a few outside, like the fountain seen below).

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