January 18, 2010

Venice Sketchbook

M gave me this sketchbook from Venice about... 2 (could it be 3?) years ago. Last year in the fall I started filling it up. I don't think I'm going to be posting every page any time soon, because I'm kind of working on everything at once. Although there are a few pages I thought would be interesting to see now, even though none of them are finished.

As a big fan of moleskins in general, this sketchbook has taken my heart with its really thick pages and nice leather-bound cover. It's rugged. And the fine - I'm assuming - watercolor paper, really increases the quality of the image, if I ever finish the thing.

When it is done (cross your fingers that it's sooner, rather than later), I'm going unbind it and frame the individual images.


  1. Wow! Love what I can see of your sketchbook. Between the blog and your website, you have some fantastic and diverse artwork. Thanks for posting.


  2. Hi Darick - I love seeing your sketchbook. Like a peek into your private world. I love the way you photographed it as well.

    Is there anything better than a blank book? So full of potential. I am always excited when I start a new one. Although, mine look nothing like yours. I don't draw well, so mine is full of doodles, collages and brainstorming.

    I'm liking what I see on this blog, I'm going to peruse it for a bit. Please keep blogging!

  3. Nothing is better than a blank book... other than a finished blank book :)

    Please, keep perusing!

  4. wonderful sketchbook, beautiful paintings!
    thank you for comment at my blog, I give you an answer there! bye for now, mano

  5. Hi Darick, thanks so much for coming over to my (old) blog cestandrea, so nice to meet you and your art. Very interesting your play with color in the permanent marker paintings and I love your sketchbook paintings/drawings. I'm a big fan of Moleskine sketchbook too, always have one in my bag. I'll put a link to your blog on my new blog, so I won't forget to come and see what you're up to. Please feel free to do the same, and come over to my new blog Parisdreamtime. Have a wonderful weekend
    greetings from Paris

  6. love this. sketchbooks are such an intimate part of being an artist. thanks for sharing.