January 30, 2010

Blue Mapping

This is a piece I've been working on for about a month, now. I'm drawing it on a 24x30" piece of mounted clayboard with marker. It's aimed to be an exercise in mapping a surface in a unique way, which can have a surprising depth-of-field. The two-color scheme is meant to help the viewer navigate spaces.

The idea came while working on the orange piece I posted on the 16th (still haven't thought of a name - though I have a few ideas) that uses the same technique for the "background", just a different color. I thought it would be interesting enough to just explore that area of the painting. I thought that the surface could provide an interesting enough experience without the "ink interruptions". I really want this style of mine to be developed into a satisfactory, repeatable environment in which to throw my ideas "against the wall" - so to speak. I like it so far, though I've had a strong urge to interrupt the space with a new color. But I've done well avoiding the temptation. I really want this to be a simple piece.

1 comment:

  1. Hmmmm....I'm drawn back to the way you refered to this as mapping, which makes me return to the idea of wht negative space as essential to the piece. But of course...you'r the designer here.