January 31, 2010

Shimmering Shoal

This was my weekend project: to finish up a "quick" piece because I needed a break from my larger blue piece that I've been working on.

I changed the rules a little bit. Restricted them. Takes the piece back toward a stream of creativity that reminds me of an old favorite of mine, Bridget Riley. I loved her so much back in school (holy cow, four years ago!). I'm considering reading The Eye's Mind, again.

"Shimmering Shoal"
permanent marker on paper


  1. close my home there is a little town in the Harz-mountains - the Mönchehaus-Museum Goslar -, they have a very good museum of contemporary art. Every year they award a prize (the "Kaiserring") and 2009 Bridget Riley got it. I saw the exhibiton: great paintings! I especially love her designs.
    Yes, your paintings remember me of her!

  2. Thanks Mano. I'm so jealous. I don't think I've actually ever seen one of her paintings in person... which is ridiculous because her work almost requires your physical presence. But yeah...

    ... so jealous.

  3. This looks good! you are also a permanent marker junkie, is this on colored paper?

    btw, your sketch book looks so fancy. I have never filled one completely, my goal this year to fill one to the max and make it as messy as I can.

  4. Yes, I am a junkie. No, no colored paper.

    Yeah, it's a nice sketch book. Barnes and Noble carries a similar book... but with lighter, thinner paper. But I haven't needed to shop for one, yet.

    Definitely. Go nuts with your sketch book. You always surprise yourself how out of the nonsense and mess arises form, beauty, and the subtlest of organization.

    Thanks for the comment Nirja.