February 7, 2010

Out of Darkness

I've been really excited these past few days because I've been working on getting my airbrush equipment all set up and all the necessary items for me to use it in my recent work. While still excited, I'm disappointed in how hard it is to get either a scan or a photo of the work to translate properly onto the web. The subtle transitions make it very difficult to adjust the colors over my very repetitive markings. I refuse to go in and adjust every milimeter with my Wacom, since that would take longer than the artwork, itself did. But, since I can't resist sharing, here's a small 5x5" that I did yesterday and finished up today. 

"Out of Darkness"
india ink, acrylic, on clayboard

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  1. Hi Darick, thanks for dropping by and for leaving the comments. I too have a graphic novel that I'd like to at least attempt, one day (although I need to get this damn hand fixed first).

    Love your work. Those Photoshop and Painter images are stunning. I particularly like your 3D work too.

    And I have trouble with the scans too. A case of trial and error I guess.

    Stay cool.