March 26, 2010

Poster I just made...

Here's a band poster I just did for a band through a friend I have in Colorado. Had some interesting requests, as you can see. Wanted a Drive-By Truckers look with two songs being referenced in the poster (Song 1 being the dude on the light pole; Song 2 being the "roadster's" whirring past on a dirt track with the numbers 19 & 33 on their sides). I also had to do it really quickly, so this is what I came up with in a few hours. I hate rushing... but I have a lot on my plate and there's no other way for me to do it.

But I have to say - I need to force myself to do it more often. I am, for one, missing a large body of work that I declined to do because I "didn't have the time"; two, because I get to experience the uniqueness of tumultuous creativity that can only come with a compression of time frame. In other words: I learn a lot doing it.

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