April 27, 2010

Wrap Party

The Wrap Party for my show, Ephemateria, was last night at the Apache Cafe. I thought it went really well. There was lots of people having a good time, listening to some good music, figure drawing, having a few drinks, and looking at some art.

The best way to describe it?


I want to extend a thanks to Karen and the rest of the Apache Cafe for putting on the show and allowing me the opportunity to share my work. Thank You!

The one unfortunate thing is that I didn't bring any extra batteries for my camera... so it died a couple blurry pictures into my photographing the event. I'm very sorry that I can't share any of the visuals with you. I was really bummed.

The work is going to remain up at the Cafe for one more week, so if you missed your chance to see me at the opening or the wrap party, you can still skip on over to the Apache and see one of many different, fun things that they have going on there during the week and see the art work before it comes down on Monday.

I'll be following up, once the show comes down, with posting the rest of the work on this blog and commenting and showing process pictures of about 5 more pieces in the coming days. Stay tuned!

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