April 29, 2010

"Alpha" - The Process

Anyone remember this piece?

I talked about it in the post, "New Untitled Work".

Well, I wasn't finished with it then and I continued to work on it after that post for my show at the Apache Cafe.

I liked the way it looked, in and of itself. But it wasn't focused in the direction I was trying to head with my work and I needed a way to resolve the piece. So, what I first needed to do, was level the disjointedness of the colors and made the overall look way more subtle, but still very strong and bright.

Perhaps you're not surprised, but it took a lot of work to keep the differences between to two major variants of 'stripe' read through as I 'leveled' off the overall color. The image above is with two separate occasions of cutting frisket around one type of stripe (either the original lighter yellow-orange, or the darker orange red in the first image above) and spraying with a mixture of red. On top of that, I masked off a heavy portion of the background behind the stripe and created a single color for the far background (notice the bloody red splotch in the 1st image and then see how most of it is gone in the lower version).

This is where things get fun.

I started to insert one of my bio-mechanical forms into the embedded explosion of movement. It was really difficult to overpower that red and find an acceptable white to build upon. I could never actually get a complete white, which is what led me to decide to continue the marker stripes into the bio-mechanical form.

india ink, acrylic, permanent marker

This is the final image that resulted: a sort of peeking-through-the-clouds effect, exploding onto the landscape with weighted rays of blackness I don't believe anyone would be too excited to run into.

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